Sunday, September 11, 2011

Updating Papago Android X5 Map for Malaysia and Singapore

Note: This version of Papago is obsolete. Check out the latest Papago! M9 here

Step 1 - Get the Map

Thanks for bunch of guys who created and keep updating the map for papago X5 Android. They are the folks who maintains this forum - My ASEAN Free GPS Map Project

You will need to register to download the map at this LINK for final release of the map version 23Aug2011

Or you can get the same file from this location without registration - LINK

You will then be downloading an executable file to your My Document\Downloads directory

Step 2 - Extract the map

This is easy... just execute the downloaded executable file and a directory will be created in your computer at location C:\Navi\Maps. For the final version 23Aug2011, the directory name is C:\Navi\Maps\MFM-PPG-110823C

Step 3 - Transfer Map to your droid

Connect your Android phone to your computer and them transfer the directory in step 2 in the phone - usually into directoy [ROOT]\NaviSEA\Maps.

Note - [ROOT] is the drive name for your Android internal memory. It could be E: or F: or G: etc

Step 4 - Point to the new MAP

a) Start Papago! X5 on your android phone
b) Go to Setting
c) Scroll down to Software Version and click on "Map Version"
d) Select the "MFM PPG Version 23-8-11"

That's it ! Enjoy friends !


aNaK_MaLaYa said...

saya dah ikut step ni..tapi sampai kat map version x da pon "MFM PPG Version 23-8-11" tu..

Nazri said...

Cuba tengok dalam directory /NaviSEA/Maps dalam Android pun tu, ada berapa directory ?

Sepatutnya ada directory


Kak Jah said...

thanks,it works!! u just saved my day

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