Sunday, October 3, 2010

PAPAGO X5 for Android (Malaysia and Singapore ONLY)

Note: Please see this posting for Sygic - an alternative to Papago, especially for Galaxy Note

Note: This version of Papago is obsolete. Check out the latest Papago! M9 here

I got these tips and files after scouring the internet for a GPS software on my Galaxy S. So, here they are;

1) Download these compressed RAR files


If you do not have WINRAR software to uncompress/unpack these file, you can download it here

(Note: Moved away from Rapidshare to one of my dedicated servers)
(Note 28Dec2011: Overflow of bandwidth on my dedicated server. Moving them to a new site)
(Note 17May2012: Move files to 4shared)

2) Place the files in a folder and then open File1 with WINRAR and it will take care of the rest - No need to open the rest of File2, 3, 4 and 5. You will get the following as a result;
a)NaviSEA folder
b)PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk - this is the Android installer file

3) Download the PAPAGO Lib

4) Uncompress libpapago and copy, paste it inside NaviSEA folder

6) Copy NaviSEA folder, paste it inside your storage card, root directory.

Note: If you are stuck at O_R_SIDE.gwv while installing this on Galaxy S2 or Note, please refer to this post HERE

7) Install PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk via computer or apk installer

Do let me know if any of the files in unusable- email me directly

Please go to this post to update map for Malaysia and Singapore

Note: This version of Papago is obsolete. Check out the latest Papago! M9 here

Also, please email me directly to if you have any question or problem with the download


azhar said...

bro, link 5 file not found. can you reupload it?
thanks in advance

Nazri said...

I can send the file directly to you. Please drop me you email

7d2509d0-c437-11e0-a0c7-000bcdcb8a73 said...

i need file number 5. Please send it to Thanks!

Creatleague said...

Thank you so much, helped me a lot !
Good bless you..

malaymarquis said...

superb my friend.... tq very much...

Qwerty said...

can you please re-upload the file 1 to 4 in rapidshare? they expired and cant be downloaded. Thanks

Girl In A Pink Socks said...

is it free?do i have to register?

Nazri said...

Yes. It's free.

Starvh said...

thanks so much....

ivan said...

i can't download the file, it shows the following:
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Nazri said...

Sorry guys. Due to overwhelming request even 2 of my dedicated servers are down due to bandwidth limitation. I have moved these files to a free sharing site.

Eurecca said...

Hi Nazri,
I get "file not found" when i clicked on the "file1" link. Can i hv the URL? Thanks

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